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Our Professional stylists will cut your hair using the best of American, and European cutting techniques that make you look not only stylish but are also easy to maintain daily. They will teach you how to style your hair and what to use at home to obtain the same style we give you here at the Salon.


Based on what we ask about your desired hairstyle, lifestyle, natural hair tendencies, and your hair condition, we decide what will work best to achieve your desired style both in the Salon and at home. Considering the shape of your face, your entire head, and your height, we execute the proper technique for servicing your hair. -While considering your desired style for your hair, we are careful to evaluate and inform you of our professional perspective based on our experience and knowledge.


-Styling your hair is 50% easier when using the adequately prescribed Shampoo and conditioner based on your hair texture and desired hairstyle. -Our shampooing techniques are designed to provide you with superior comfort.

Hair Cut

Just like painting a beautiful picture, we will cut the outline of your hair while it is wet and perform more detailed artistic work while it is dry.

Dry Cut

When the hair is dry, we can evaluate how your hair naturally rests and moves. With dry hair, we are also able to texturize according to the style you choose for your hair, and if necessary, we can make your hair flat, give it more or less volume, flip it, curl it in, make it funkier or change the style in any way you wish. Dry cutting also shapes your hair for easier styling at home.


Considering your new haircut, we will now initiate our styling technique based on your hair texture and your lifestyle. We will make it very easy for you to duplicate this same hairstyle at home.

Our Haircut Services Include, But Not Limited To:

Men's Haircut, Neck Trim/Beard Detail, Mustache and Beard Trim, Boy's Haircut Women's Haircut, Bob Haircut, Little Lady's Cut, Bang Trim

You have the choice from 5-minute coloring without ammonia using vegan hair products to the most moisturizing color treatment, depending on your needs. We create a custom hair color to suit your style. We choose the best color for you from our selective color lines to satisfy your needs/wants during the consultation

We carry the REDKEN Color line. REDKEN’s color fusion line offers 100% oxidative dyes that provide maximum longevity and healthy-looking and multi-dimensional results!

Our Color Services Include, But Not Limited To:

Hair Extensions


Dreaming of having gorgeous hair, like Paris Hilton? Now you can!
At last, you can have the same, top of the line hair extensions put in at Hair Haus Hair Salon. As the Hilton Hotel heiress, Paris Hilton is known to get only the best of the best.
The best thing about this service is that you can reuse the hair for a whole year, unlike other hair extensions that are not usable in two to three months.
DreamCatchers’ extensions use the latest technology. No more glues, waxes, weaves, and clips. It doesn’t cause any damage to the hair, and once the base starts to grow, you can quickly and easily move the extensions back to the bottom. Taking them out is easy, too.
Why don’t you give DreamCatchers a try? Enjoy the top-quality hair extensions beloved by celebrities.
We recommend DreamCatchers for those that want:
  • to have longer hair
  • to have more volume
  • to have wavy hair without the use of chemicals or perm for a highlighted, more dimensional look
  • top-quality hair
  • to look just like a celebrity
  • something better than the usual extensions
  • to no longer have hair fall out
  • to have top-of-the-line products, even if you have to sacrifice a little extra money
We all can create any style ranging from casual, conservative, or elegant to a wild finish. Let’s be creative!
Have you ever wanted a French braid or even a fishtail braid? Our stylists are here to help give you a simple pretty style. (No wash or ironwork included). This is a great add-on service.
Don’t really feel like doing your hair? And you’re craving those beachy waves in your hair? A blowout is a perfect answer! We’ll start with a relaxing shampoo, apply our professional styling products, blow-dry, and finishing service using a flat or curling iron.
Our Style Services Include, But Not Limited To: Signature Blowout, Haus Blowout, Casual style, Special Occasions/Up-Dos


Do you like the smooth and silky look, fluffy and soft look, or a weightless sleek look? We can create any of these wonderful looks with our many different treatments.

KeraTriplex Awapuhi Treatment

KeraTriplex- Ideal for broken, brittle, sun-damaged hair and lightened/chemically treated hair. The single-shot vial of a highly concentrated complex of Keratin proteins instantly penetrates damaged hair to repair, rebuild and seal the cuticle—the only complex available that is virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair. A complimentary 10-minute blow-dry is included.

HydraTriplex Awapuhi Treatment

Great for dry, coarse, or frizzy hair. Our exclusive HydraTriplex technology's triple-action deeply penetrates to hydrate and seal the hair with rich moisturizing ingredients. This service includes a relaxing shampoo, treatment with 10-15 min process time, and a complimentary 15-minute blow-dry.

BBO Split-end Treatment

PROFESSIONAL SPLIT END CORRECTION is a dual-action treatment performed to repair split/broken hair and prevent future damage. Instantly mends splits while also protecting against future damage. This treatment lasts up to 4 weeks. Can be added to any service or book individually.

TT Lavender Mineral hair Mask

Relax for 5-10 minutes while your hair gets deep conditioned, hydrated, and strengthened. Ideal for coarse and dry hair. Color safe.

Relaxer - Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout is the only soothing treatment asked for by name. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customization smoothing treatments actually improve the hair's condition by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. This service lasts up to 12 weeks with the proper aftercare products. Also, inquire about the split end treatment.

Special Occasion Hair

Let us help you on this life-changing day. Our Specialists here at the Hair Haus Hair Salon can do your hair to bring even more joy to this unforgettable day.

We provide:


It usually takes about 2 to 2.5 hours.
We can do pretty much any hairstyle, but please make an appointment for a free consultation before the wedding. We also have the Trial service, in which you can try up to 3 different styles. It will usually take 1 to 1.5 hours.

Please make an appointment for a free consultation. We also have a Trial service, in which you can try up to 3 different styles and consult. It will take 1 to 1.5 hours.

Yes, we will bring a team of stylists and try to work with everyone simultaneously. Please book at least one month in advance.
We recommend booking 3 months in advance, please make reservations as soon as possible. ​

Sorry, we do not travel to the location. You are welcome to come to our salon.

One of the striking features of the Hair Haus Hair Salon is its expert staff.