The Ultimate Guide to Going Blonde, According to Hair Pros

The Ultimate Guide to Going Blonde, According to Hair Pros

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We know that the blonde hair trend is here to stay. Whether you’re a natural blonde who’s looking for some new style inspiration or a brunette who wants to take on this hot, new color of choice, we have all the information you need to get your perfect shade of blonde. From tips you will know Ultimate Guide to Going Blonde and maintain your look at the home and what products are best for achieving each desired level of lightness, we’ve got it all covered!

Ultimate Guide to Going Blonde:

If you’re worried about damaging your hair with bleach or if you want some professional help getting started, don’t worry – we have recommendations from top stylists across the country. So whether you’re looking for an intense platinum tone or a more natural yellow-toned hue.

So you’re thinking about dyeing your hair blonde? To avoid having a brassy, unnatural hue or an uneven color saturation throughout the lengths of your strands, make sure not to use too much water and leave-in conditioner.

It can be intimidating transitioning from brunette locks into something new like blond hair, but lucky for you, we did all the research, so now it has become our job. Now onto what every human being on earth wants: The ultimate guide when deciding whether they should go from brown hair to blonde if they want their tresses healthy as well.

So can anyone go from brunette to blonde?

Sure, that sounds simple enough. But if you want to go from brunette to blonde and make it work, take a good hard look at the Ultimate Guide to Going Blonde! There’s more in it than which tints are best for your hair type: we also give you an easy step-by-step category of how to go blonde successfully (with some helpful warnings about what not to do). And there are no secrets left when we tell you how other celebs create their fabulous golden locks. You won’t find this knowledge anywhere else but the ultimate Guide to Going Blonde!

The Ultimate Guide to Going Blonde history 

If you want to try a new look, You must be clear about your expectations and desires about the result in depth. Hair color history includes telling them if this is something temporary or for life, what color hair texture you have (wavy/curly), as well as how long it’s been since they were dyed last. For example: “I’m experimenting with blonde highlights, so I’d like my natural brown roots showing through.” It might also help to take pictures of colors that are similar enough that salon professionals can use during their consultation process, either on Instagram or Pinterest!

Your time.

You may be able to get your perfect hair color in one salon visit if you’re lucky. But it typically takes about three visits and a few hours for the pro stylists at Hair Haus Hair Salon

to fully transform your looks into something that’s what you’ve always wanted!

Your budget.

Garrone, a hair colorist in NYC, says he has seen people come into his salon for the perfect shade of blonde one day and then return weeks later with an orange hue. Because they unknowingly used their at-home coloring kit to do it themselves or didn’t wait long enough before applying another batch on top.


Your skin tone and features.

Garrone suggested that “You can have the most beautiful hair, but it won’t do anything for you if your skin tone and eye color don’t work with that”. She advises consulting a professional colorist when choosing the right shade because they’ve gone through severe training in determining these things. Lee is big on using your eyes as guidance: “take a look at what colors are more warm or cool—matching this up to which tones suit you best.” This can be helpful since our skin tone changes according to seasons sometimes too!

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