The Latest Hair Color Technique You Should Try Next

The Latest Hair Color Technique You Should Try Next

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The Latest Hair Color Technique You Should Try Next

The worst time to be stuck in a hair rut is when you’re nearing the end of winter and summer. It’s crunch time! To get some The Latest Hair Color Technique You Should Try Next try switching things up by changing your colour – for fun ideas on hair colour techniques and colours, check out this round-up from top stylists. Remember: take an image with you so that they can help achieve the look YOU want at YOUR local salon!

All The Latest Hair Color Technique:



Balayage is a French term that means to sweep or paint. It also has a stimulating effect on hair, which we can see during the service known as Balayage highlighting technique. Instead of saturating every strand with colour like in other highlights techniques such as foiling and dip-dyeing, bleach (or hair colour) is only applied just at the surface level using freehand painting. This colour gives off natural-looking sun-kissed highlights without any harsh lines between colours present.


Curly is a technique that provides soft hair colour results for curly and textured hair. Hairstylist Jamal Edmonds created this alternative take on the Balayage technique, which allows you to customize your desired look based on curl type or texture. The Curly process starts with looking at natural highlights in the client’s curls before determining if they should be enhanced more towards light hues of blonde or kept darker shades of browns and reds.


Ombre is a popular trend in hair colour that gradually fades your root hair colour into much lighter shades at the ends. Of course, you’ll need to have dark roots for this look, but if not, you can go with something like blonde instead of red or brown. If you’re looking for more dramatic Ombre results, ask your stylist about adding some darker colours to the mix and deepening them towards the scalp where it’s needed – they will do this by using an ombre technique called balayage!

In today’s world, having beautiful eyes has become vital as we live increasingly busy lives trying to keep up on all our social media accounts while still maintaining relationships outside work and family life; so many people are turning their


The Babylight or baby blonde highlighted look is a delicate and subtle way to add some light back into your hair. The sun-kissed highlights, found around the crown of your head that resemble little kisses from Mother Nature herself as she shines down on you in her infinite beauty, are recreated with tiny amounts of dyed strands placed strategically throughout each foil.

Highlights With The Latest Hair Color Technique

Highlights are your secret weapon for achieving a “natural-looking” blonde or adding some dimension. Then, of course, there’s foil highlighting and Balayage – but what might seem like the same thing can vary in technique depending on whether you’re going lighter or darker with these styles of highlights.

Highlights can help accentuate facial features by adding lightness into specific sections of hair around cheekbones, eyes, lips etc. They may be used as an alternative if low lights aren’t desirable, such as when someone wants their dark strands to look more natural blended against new growth that highlights gradually.

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