“Learn the secrets behind popular salon hair treatments.”

“Learn the secrets behind popular salon hair treatments.”

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“Learn the secrets behind popular salon hair treatments.”

Learn the secrets behind popular salon hair treatments.


Salon hair treatments are a bit of a mystery to most people. What is the difference between deep conditioning and protein treatment? And How keratin works to repair damaged hair? Lastly, Why some stylists recommend a dry shampoo or dry conditioner for clients with oily roots? Here are some answers to “Learn the secrets behind popular salon hair treatments.” along with photos of the results you can expect from these popular salon treatments.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments can transform curly or frizzy hair to straight with ease. Keratin Complex has been a popular service for over ten years. We often use it as an alternative to chemical relaxers that only last until your next haircut before having the same problems again!

Scalp Treatment

If you have a dry, itchy scalp that’s been plaguing your hair for years, then a salon treatment may be the solution to all of your woes. This service will make you feel amazing and improve oil production and help grow more hair! Whether it is an oily or flaky scalp issue, having healthy skin on top can lead to healthier locks, so get in there with these revolutionary treatments today!

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments are great for dry and colored hair. They provide instant shine while also sealing the cuticle to keep in moisture, which gives you silky smooth hair that feels nourished and healthy. Typically left on your locks between 12-20 minutes before rinsing them out, hot oils can do wonders with just one treatment if you have damaged or dried up strands!

Moisture Treatment

Dry tresses will find their life anew with a moisture protein treatment. The creme de la creme deep conditioning treatment adds quality moisture to your hair for common woes such as lack of shine or split ends. Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 is the repairing remedy that can be massaged into locks during an indulgent service and added on top of weekly blowouts for even better results.

Detox Treatment

We all indeed have buildup on our hair, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Detox treatments can remove the impurities and leave your locks feeling clean and healthy again. If you use many styling products or tend to skip shampooing more than a few times per week, then detox is for you!

Relax Treatment

If you’re tired of your curls taking over, a relaxing treatment can take back the power. Relaxing treatments fight Frizz effectively and make hair sleek for months on end. Results are customized to reduce curl, remove Frizz, or control movement depending on the desired outcome. The Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment provides formaldehyde-free semi-permanent straightening that works!

Toning Treatment

We use Toning treatments to correct the color of your hair. Perhaps you went a little too blonde after getting foil highlights, or maybe your red was starting to fade already? We can apply toning treatment at any point between full-color services to maintain healthy, vibrant colors and extend them when necessary. Toning is left anywhere from 15 minutes up to 20 minutes before being rinsed out; it must get the professional application, so you get all the benefits without damaging what’s there!

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