What Is Ombre Hair? vs. Sombre and Balayage? + 8 Ombre Hair Ideas

What Is Ombre Hair? vs. Sombre and Balayage? + 8 Ombre Hair Ideas

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What Is Ombre Hair vs. Sombre and Balayage? + 8 Ombre Hair Ideas

ombre hair


Have you picked up a women’s magazine or scrolled through Instagram lately?If you have, you likely know by now that there are roughly a million and one hairstyles, colors, and cuts for us to choose from nowadays. From highlights to lowlights, fringe bangs to curtain bangs – it can be near-impossible to keep up with it all. Some of the hottest (yet most confusing) hair trends in 2021? Ombre hair vs. sombre hair vs. balayage. If you’re feeling lost about the definitions and differences between each of these color styles, don’t stress. We’re here to rescue you from your confusion! In this handy guide, we break down the key variations in these styles. In the event you opt for an ombre look, you’ll want to check out our gorgeous ideas for ombre hair colors.

WhatIs Ombre Hair vs Balayage?

Let’s start by breaking down the difference between ombre hair and balayage. Ombre is the French word for “shade,” and it’s actually perfectly fitting for the effect this color style has on your hair. Ombre hairstyle features dark roots that gradually get lighter at the ends, shading from dark to light as you move down. Think of a gradient. Ombre is super popular among all hair types and textures, colors, and lengths. It’s a great, relatively low-maintenance option that adds dimension to the hair. Options range from blonde ombre hair to brown ombre hair and even pink ombre!
To explain balayage, we’re bringing back more French. The term balayage means “to sweep” in French. While ombre and sombre target the ends of the hair more directly, balayage only affects some of the ends. The transition in color will also be much longer and more natural-looking.
Think of it this way: ombre is more about the horizontal placement of color, ensuring that the top is dark and the bottom is light. Balayage is more about the vertical placement of color, ensuring that the shades are integrated seamlessly all the way down.

What is Sombre?

Sombre is very similar to ombre but slightly more subtle if you are looking for a more natural hairstyle. Instead of the stark contrast of dark to light that you see in ombre hair, sombre hair is much softer. Your roots are kept close to their natural color, and you’ll incorporate very similar but slightly lighter shades as you work down towards the tips. This option is even more low maintenance than ombre.

8 Ombre Hair Color Ideas

So, you’ve landed on ombre hair as the right style for you. Amazing choice. Now, let’s dive into some fabulous ideas for ombre hair to inspire you.

ombre hair

Dark Brown to Caramel Brown Ombre

This caramel ombre style is perfect for people who love warmer tones in their hair. The caramel is a beautiful, romantic complement to the darker hues at the top

ombre hair

Light Brown to Blonde Ombre

Wondering if people with blonde hair have more fun? Find out by adding some blonde ends to your hair. It’s a fun and classic way to switch up your look


ombre hair

Brown to Rose Gold Ombre

Liven up your brunette hair with a touch of pink. Rose gold ombre blends your brown hair roots into a stunning pink color that is eye-catching, feminine, and unique.

ombre hair

Black to Silver Ombre

If you’re ready to dive off the deep end and try something a little more adventurous, this is perfect for those of you with black hair. Silver is very trendy right now and adds a touch of sophistication to anyone’s style.

ombre hair

Dark to Light Blue Ombre

Feeling blue? You will be soon when you opt for blue hues in your dark hair. Transitioning from a dark to pastel blue in your ombre is sure to make a stand-out statement.

ombre hair

Dark Auburn to Bright Plum Ombre

Bold and glamorous, this ombre hairstyle is perfect for anyone looking to marry purple hair playfulness with sophistication.

ombre hair

Dark to Icy White Platinum Ombre

With this ombre effect, you’ll get the full spectrum of dark to light tones. It’s a gorgeous way to add dimension and interest to your long hair or short locks.

ombre hair

Dark to Lint Mint Green Ombre

Get gorgeous with some green tones. Edgy and fun, a green ombre hair look is the perfect way to show off your unique sense of style.

Want Ombre, Sombre, or Balayage Hair in Mansfield, TX?

Now that you understand the differences between ombre hair, sombre hair, and balayage hair, you may be ready to take the plunge and make your hair dreams a reality. Sound about right? We’re so happy to hear it.

Make an appointment today to see how we can help get you started. We pride ourselves
on offering high-quality hair dye services in Mansfield, TX. No matter which style you end
up choosing, our qualified colorists and hairstylists are ready to bring your vision to life.


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