The best way to keep colored hair healthy and beautiful

The best way to keep colored hair healthy and beautiful

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The best way to keep colored hair healthy and beautiful


Do you have colored hair? Do you want to keep it healthy and beautiful? If so, this post is for you. So read on for the best way to care for your color-treated locks! 

 For blondes, try using a purple shampoo every few weeks or alternating between clarifying shampoos that remove buildup while still conditioning the hair. Brunettes should choose sulfate-free products because they are less harsh on dyed hair than regular shampooing. And redheads should use masks that contain protein once every two weeks to avoid breakage of their delicate tresses from over-processing. In addition, many people forget about their scalp.

We all want to make sure that our hair is healthy and beautiful. One way to keep your hair in good condition is by using color protectant products on your hair. These products contain ingredients such as silicone, which helps reduce the amount of water that can get into the cuticle layer of your hair, keeping it hydrated and healthy. You can use many different kinds of color protectants depending on what type of damage you have done to your locks- from deep conditioning treatments for damaged ends or leave-in treatment for someone with dry scalp or brittle strands. All these options you can find at any local beauty store like Sally’s Beauty Supply! 

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Have dull, brassy hair? We’ve got you covered! This gentle toning shampoo is formulated to keep your premium color-treated hair looking and feeling vibrant. It’s also safe for bleached hair! Of course, the best way to keep colored hair healthy and beautiful is by keeping it hydrated. Keratin deep-conditioning treatments, especially when paired with regular clarifying shampoos, are essential for maintaining that bright red or sunny blonde you love so much.


For those of you who have color-treated hair, it’s always essential to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Generally speaking, if your hair color is blonde or silver-colored, then a purple shampoo will help cancel out any yellow tones in your hair that may appear over time due to fading from washing and wearing sun exposure. Redken offers two different treatments for this: Color Extend Blondage system, which is perfect for cool blondes, while Graydiant works best on gray or silver colors and redder shades such as strawberry blonde.

A variety of shampoos and conditioners can help maintain color-treated hair to keep it looking vibrant. For example, if you have blonde or silver, use the Color Extend Blondage system to cool down any yellow or brassy tones in your locks while giving them extra shine. For reds with gray strands, try using the Color Extend Graydiant for its rich pigment and conditioning properties to provide you with gorgeous colors without the damaging chemicals found in boxed dye kits!

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Paying constant attention to your color can be exhausting, which is why dry shampoos are a huge blessing. Color-treated hair often feels dull and looks dry and frizzy – not the natural feel of healthy waves and curls that you’re looking for you! With this in mind, it’s essential to care for your color with a quality boost – right from the roots. Dry shampoo will take away excess oils without overloading on product weight or leave behind any chemical residue, which is crucial when dealing with delicate locks. Say goodbye to unsightly dirt buildup hidden under layers of finesse as this lightweight spray leaves colors vibrant and strikingly luminous.”

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