8 Examples of Highlights for Hair – Hair Haus Mansfield TX

8 Examples of Highlights for Hair – Hair Haus Mansfield TX

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8 Examples of Highlights for Hair – Hair Haus Mansfield TX

highlights hair

Do you feel like you need a refresh for your hair? If so, highlights are a great way to bring back some life to dull, tired-looking hair. Alternatively, hair highlights can help you stand out from the crowd and help show your unique style. Whether you have long hair or short hair, there are many options to choose from when it comes to highlighting your hair. We’ll go over the various options to help you decide which style will work best for you.

How Do I Choose Highlights for My Hair?

The best way to choose is first to do some research online. By Googling various hairstyles or looking on Pinterest for hair color ideas, you can hone in on what you are most interested in. The most important factors you should consider here are the level of lightness, placement, and size. Here’s what we mean.

Level of Lightness

The strength of the lightener or bleach plus the length of time it spends on your hair determines the level of lightness. You should note here that your highlight should be of the same tone as the base color of your hair. This means if your hair’s base is warm, the highlight should also be warm. The same goes if your base is ash brown, you’ll want ash blonde as the highlights. So how do you achieve this natural look? It’s easy. All you need to do is ensure that the highlight is only two or three colors lighter than the base color. Unsure if the color will match your skin tone? Your hairstylist will be happy to help you best match the highlights to you.

Placement and Size

For an even, natural appearance, try to place the thickest and lightest highlights around the frame of your face. As you work the pieces towards your crown, choose less thick highlights for better face-framing. Alternatively, chunky highlights are also trending as they create a more dramatic appearance.

Types of Highlights to Choose From

Now, let’s look at some of the hottest highlights trends you can try out for your next look!

Traditional Highlights

highlights hair








Also known as foiling, traditional highlights are the most common type of highlight you’ll find. Here, the hairstylist leaves your natural hair color between the foils and then lightens hair strands from the root to the end. Typically, blonde highlights are used but can also be light brown or red highlights.


highlights hair

Balayage highlights are pretty similar to traditional highlights. However, the difference between traditional highlights and the Balayage technique is how the highlights are applied. For Balayage, the highlights are hand-painted or swept on the surface of random hair sections. You can either have blonde balayage, brown,
or even different colors


highlights hair

Looking for highlights that give your hair a sun-kissed appeal? Try out Babylights! It uses the same foiling technique as traditional highlights. But the difference is the highlights are applied in smaller sections.


highlights hair

Pintura highlights are a fun way to style curly hair. For this highlighting technique, the stylist starts with rich coloring at the tip of your hair and works it up slowly to the rest of it.


highlights hair

This is a beautiful highlighting technique that goes all the way to the end of your hair. The stylist places the lightener horizontally and graduates to another color tone at the end of your hair.


highlights hair

“Subtle ombré,” that’s what a Sombré means. This chic and feminine look results from a slight modification of the ombré. It also requires less maintenance and plays around with subtle highlights.


highlights hair

Warm and comfortable, that’s how we describe Hygge! If you’re a brunette, you can play with auburn tones plus some caramel highlights or brown highlights. It also works for redheads and platinum blondes.


highlights hair

Lowlights blend effortlessly with natural hair color, including blonde hair, brown hair, and dark brown hair. Typically, lowlights are 2 or 3 shades darker than your base color. These dark pieces introduce more contrast to your hair and are perfect for people who prefer low-maintenance styles as they don’t require constant touchups.


Which of these styles would you be trying out? Check out our services at Hair Haus today! Or contact our salon in Mansfield, TX, to book with one of our experienced colorists and hair care specialists.

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