My hair is falling out! What can I do about it?

My hair is falling out! What can I do about it?

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My hair is falling out! What can I do about it?

My hair is falling out! What can I do about it?


You may be wondering why your hair is falling out. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some helpful tips for keeping your hair healthy and whole. -Exercise daily: physical activity promotes healthy circulation- Drink plenty of water- Eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein and vitamins -Avoid eating too many fried foods or caffeine (both cause stress on the scalp)- Get enough sleep- Avoid over-styling/coloring hair

Skinny Dread Roots- Common Causes of hair is falling out:

You shake your head in dismay as yet another clump of frizzy, dry hair falls out before you. You’re starting to fear the inevitable baldness and joining the ranks with those that will need a wig maker. For years, dreadlocks have been touted for their natural beauty—perfectly wavy tendrils cascading from a crown of thick locks. And no wonder! Dreads are satisfying for many reasons: they’re environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and stylish at once, not requiring much more than occasional brushing or water-moisture application to remain vibrant all year round. Yet somehow, you’ve reached your breaking point. The only solution is reversible by using tools like HairSkinny’s skinny dread roots system, allowing users to remove nearly.

What Should You Do When Your Hair Is Falling Out:


Use A Satin Sleep Cap or Pillowcase

You could be losing your hair, and you’re not aware of it. The friction between the pillowcase and your head when sleeping can result in thinning roots, breakage, or more severe issues such as traction alopecia. To prevent this from happening, use a satin sleep cap to absorb sweat that would otherwise flow back into the scalp, causing problems with natural oils like sebum responsible for healthy follicles during rest periods.

Hydrate and Moisturize your Dreadlocks

Hydrated hair will be healthier and more manageable. This process can lead to less thinning hair and prevent it from being too dry or brittle. An amino acid treatment, which infuses moisture into your locks with its natural protein-like properties, provides the perfect way for combating these issues while still providing all of the necessary nutrients so that you have healthy locks!

Avoid Styling Your Dreads with Tight Hairstyles

Someone may have told you that the tighter your hairstyle, the better. But this is not true! Wearing tight ponytails can cause lasting damage to hair follicles in your scalp and even breakage of roots due to tension. The more you wear a style like braids or weaves, it will eventually strip all protective oils from our strands, leaving them dry and brittle with no shine whatsoever. You must be careful out there!

You’re probably used to hearing people say, “the tighter a woman’s hairdo,” but unfortunately, that statement might not hold up for everyone when applied too literally. Tightening any braid or weave on yourself also causes pressure which results in damaging effects such as breaking root hairs down at

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp is an easy way to promote hair growth. Not only will this reduce the chance of thinning, but it can also increase thickness by stretching cells and stimulating follicles for thicker locks!

Invest in Essential Oils When Hair Is Falling Out:

Oils such as Coconut, Lavender, Peppermint, and Tea tree oils are perfectly suitable for dreadlocks. These oils offer various benefits that can help promote healthy hair growth or restore the texture in your locs if they have become dry. Castor oil is ideal when looking to add more shine, while peppermint has anti-bacterial properties, which provides an environment where bacteria cannot thrive.

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