How to choose the best highlights for your brown hair color

How to choose the best highlights for your brown hair color

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How to choose the best highlights for your brown hair color


It’s not always easy to know what highlights will look good with your hair colour. For example, Brown is one of the most common hair colours, so it can be hard to figure out which shades of blonde or brown should work best for you. Here are some tips on how to choose a perfect highlight colour that compliments your natural hue.

For people with dark brown hair, putting light blonde highlights can end up in zebra-like stripes. However, if you have lighter or softer toned brunette hair and want to go from a darker look into more of an ashy or golden tone, then highlighting your roots could be the best option for contrast without unwanted harsh lines.

Balayage For Brown Hair

Balayage highlights are a more natural, hand-painting technique that allows you to grow out your colours for much more extended periods. These techniques create less lift and result in subtle colour contrasts, affecting one’s hairline when highlighted with brighter or lighter shades. All dark-haired people who want to capitalize on the money piece trend this year by going light around their hairline while achieving balayage effects are best done through balayage highlighting!


Get what you always wanted, reverse highlights that gradually lighten from root to tip. It’s the best choice for those looking for easy upkeep with just a touch of drama at your roots.

How To Take Care Of Brown Hair With Highlights

You don’t have to resign yourself to dull, lifeless colour. There are ways you can make sure your hair is always looking fresh and vibrant using a few simple at-home techniques.

No matter which highlighting technique you choose, it’s essential that the foundation of any healthy hair regimen includes blue shampooing and some in-salon options for fuller results every time. Here’s what needs to be on top of your list:

What Is Blue Shampoo and Why Do Brunettes Need It?

If you’re looking to lighten your brown hair, there’s a risk of ending up with unwanted brassiness. Bleaching reveals orange undertones that can end up coming across as brassy eventually-especially on brown hair! Your best bet for maintaining the new colour incorporates blue toning shampoo and conditioner into your product regimen (more on how it works in just one minute). While blondes have had options like purple shampoos to combat yellow tones, brunettes haven’t until now. Meet Redken Color Extend Brownlights system:

It was designed specifically for darker roots and has three different shades available depending on what level of darkness each person prefers. As a result, it provides strong root coverage while also eradicating any underlying hints of copper.

What Does Blue Shampoo Do?

 The shampoo and conditioner system for brown hair is a blue formula that eliminates the unwanted red or orange tones in your locks. As anyone who’s been to elementary school art class can remember, opposite colours cancel each other out on the colour wheel – meaning this soapy concoction will eliminate all those pesky shades of golden yellow from your tresses!

How Do You Use Blue Shampoo?

If you feel like your highlighted brown hair has lost some of its lustrs, use this system to keep it fresh and vibrant! It can use immediately after highlights or every week. Your best bet? Talk with your colourist who knows what’s the right option for your particular shade. Plus, even if you’re a brunette without any highlighting, there is still an opportunity every week to take care of that natural colour – talk with them about how they suggest using these products at home!

What Are Some Other Tips For Brown Hair With Highlights?

Think of your hair as the skin on your body. If you go for a run and come back with dry patches from sweat building up because there is no more moisture to be absorbed by our pores, this will happen to any part of our bodies. Unfortunately, your conditioner isn’t restoring what it should, so make sure you’re using one designed especially for colour-treated hair, such as Ion’s Color Brilliance Conditioning Treatment Mask, once weekly! You can also try getting an updated demi-permanent gloss at your salon, which not only refreshes the tone but keeps those strands shiny too without adding weight as other regular treatments might do. Plus, they are gentle enough that even if we have some greys popping through the due grip.

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