Amazing hairstyle ideas for brunette women

Amazing hairstyle ideas for brunette women

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Amazing hairstyle ideas for brunette women

Amazing hairstyle ideas for brunette women

It’s time to give dark hair a chance! While brunettes may not get as much attention as hair colour. They still deserve just as many options and choices. So check out these ideas for some fabulous colour shades of brown that are guaranteed to break up the monotony in your life.

Brunette girls should be feeling pretty good about themselves right now. Their natural hair colour is finally getting its fair share of love, thanks in large part mainly due to celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Rihanna and Alicia Keys. They have all been sporting darker locks on more than one occasion lately (which we applaud). And with so many new creative ways available today, there isn’t any excuse anymore if you want to change up.

Add New Dimension For Amazing hairstyle ideas

A subtle change in your brown hair colour is just the ticket for a fresh, relaxed look to match this spring’s trends. Ask your stylist about adding some Redken Hair Color with Cassondra Frosted Face Frame and Brunette Icy Light techniques into their work!

Change Hair Base

Women naturally have a little bit of everything in their personalities; they are strong, hardworking, fun-loving and caring all at the same time. That is why it is not surprising that brunette women like to experiment with their hair colour. Brunettes always want something different compared to what other people might expect from them. Hair base explains why most brunette women prefer temporary or semi-permanent colours over permanent ones. They love to play around with hair designs and colouring to express themselves since they know that they can easily change back again if they’re bored at any point in time. With a few tips here and there, you’ll be able to create delightful hairstyles for your brunette hair, whether long or short.

Add Some Highlights TO Get Amazing hairstyle ideas

If you’re looking to go lighter, consider opting for highlights. The key? Be sure to consider your base colour when selecting the right hue! “If your natural shade is a medium or light brown,” “highlights are going to start to skew more towards the blonde.” If you want dimension in contrast without highlighting too much of the hair, first deepen it by one or two shades and add some brighter pieces.

Either Way, Take Care of Your Hue

In the great battle of blonde versus brunette, it is essential to remember that dark hair needs just as much attention. Ultimately, your best bet for keeping a bold colour vibrant and preventing fading is by minimizing how often you wash – since water can be hair colour’s number one worst enemy! When occasionally washing with a shampoo-conditioner combo like Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner (which gently cleanses while protecting against fade), try using dry shampoos when needed in-between washes.

Another way to keep your dyed locks bright during those pesky occasions where you have unexpectedly had too many drinks over dinner or got caught out in an unexpected rainstorm? Try Rockin’ Red Dry Cleaning Powder from

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